KEDGE partners with Parliament of the Entrepreneurs of the Future 2022

50 years after the 1st United Nations Conference on the Environment in Stockholm, the Parliament of the Entrepreneurs of the Future launches its 10th edition on 25 & 26 November 2022 at UNESCO!
KEDGE Business School is a partner of this great meeting of knowledge and commitment!

A partner for many years, the KEDGE community is proud to represent the world of higher education alongside Entrepreneurs of the Future. With the commitment of the entire community, students, teachers, employees, graduates and entrepreneurs incubated within KEDGE Entrepreneurship, KEDGE is strengthening its position in favour of responsible management.

Life in a period of major change

The 10th edition of the Parliament of the Entrepreneurs of the Future, the "leadershift summit", will take place on 25 and 26 November 2022 at the Maison de l'UNESCO in Paris on the theme "Life in a period of major change": nearly 10,000 participants are expected over two days, to listen tthe 200 speakers and watch the 50 sessions of pitches, debates, and screenings.


KEDGE community members are invited to speak at the event:


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With 14,800 students, KEDGE is responsible for future generations. Firmly focused on the future, sustainable and inclusive transition is at the heart of its project. KEDGE is determined to train and equip "positive changemakers" capable of inventing the worlds of tomorrow and building a desirable future.A forerunner in social and environmental responsibility, the school joined the Global Compact in 2005. In 2007, it created a dedicated department and built a strategic plan taking into account environmental and social issues. Since 2015, it has aligned its approach with the United Nations' international agenda: the Sustainable Development Goals. In 2019, it received the Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility label for higher education (SD&RS label).

In 2021, in line with this long-term commitment, KEDGE adopted its 2025 strategy: sustainability and inclusiveness are two of its five fundamental pillars and the school promises to be an original, sustainable and inclusive school

In order to make this promise a reality, KEDGE has adopted the KEDGE IMPAKT strategy to be implemented over the next four years. This systemic strategy is based on three pillars which permeate all of its activities and the careers of its students:

  • Care for People: Be a committed school for a more inclusive society
  • Act for the Planet: Act to preserve the climate and biodiversity
  • Innovate for Tomorrow: Reinvent our professions to accelerate ecological and social transition