The Students' Entrepreneurial Support Programmes

In response to the specific needs of each entrepreneur, KEDGE Entrepreneurship has developed 3 different programmes each depending of the maturity level of your project.
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Business Creator : for KEDGE's students with an idea

You are a student, you want to learn or already have an idea? You would like a professional opinion and get support to structure your project? Our pre-incubation programme is for you!

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Business Nursery : for those wanting to get started

The second programme is aimed at graduates, students and outsiders with a first prototype (MVP, a Minimum Viable Product). The objective being to surround yourself with experts and entrepreneurs to boost your sales and develop a network. A 6-month programme from the creation of the MVP to the launch.

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Business Accelerator : for entrepreneurs seeking financing

Our third and final programme is aimed at start-ups with growth potential with proven traction and resources to scale up. We will support you in the structuring, growth and financing of your projects (fundraising).

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