Business Creator : a programme to test your start-up idea

The aim of this programme, which is open to all, is to encourage the desire to be an entrepreneur, develop an entrepreneurial attitude and help the KEDGE Entrepreneurship community to grow by offering a digitalised course for the general public.

  • Train our future entrepreneurs to structure a project to go from the idea to the first customer prototype
  • Develop business skills for start-ups and adopt the right mindset.
  • Discover the principles of the lean approach for start-up.
  • Provide tools to determine the potential success of an idea before setting up a business.


  • A 6-stage programme over 6 months (self-knowledge, validation of needs, prototyping, business model and impact, branding and pitch).
  • Choose the track that best suits your needs and your project:  
    Each stage is launched by a one-hour mid-day video (between midday and 2pm) that presents the concept and the challenge to be met in order to validate the stage.
  • You must submit your work on the programme's platform before the next stage is launched.
    Compatible with internships, work-study programmes, etc. 
  • Support: Training and group sessions led by experts .
  • Offices Hours with the startup program manager and your coaches.

  • An idea.
  • A strong motivation for entrepreneurship.
  • Independence and availability, the programme being 100% online.

  • The programme is open to all: KEDGE BS students, alumni and non-KEDGE BS students with a strong interest in entrepreneurship who wish to join the KEDGE BS incubator but only have a first idea.


  • 100% content produced by KEDGE Business School experts and faculty. 
  • Candidate selection: show us your motivation for joining the programme through a video presentation to be submitted during the calls for projects (January and September).


  • 0 / month for current KEDGE students (included in tuition fees)
  • 99 / month for KEDGE graduates 
  • You are external: consult our offer

Apply now

they have been supported by KEDGE
  • OUIEXPAT – Noura Moulali (to connect French people living abroad).
  • GEEV is a success story. It is the first application for donating items between individuals. 11 million+ reused objects, 450,000+ food items saved from the trash, 3 million+ users. They have raised 3 million euros.
  • CHAMBERLAN, a young company that specialises in custom-made shoes. Raised 1 million.
  • Telaqua - Nicolas Cavalier, Sébastien Demech & Nicolas Carvalho (simpliflying water management, 15 employees, 400 000€ raised and 1,5M€ in progress).
  • Carbookr - Nicolas Job (car rental BtoB, 12 employees, 1M€ raised).
  • ZEI - Noel Bauza (digital platform that helps individuals and companies to improve their environmental and societal impacts, 15 employees, 2M€ raised). 
  • NOCNOC – Paul Lebas, (rent big homes for short stays, 24 Collaborators, 3M€ raised).
  • Saileazy – Gregoire Guignon (sailboat self-service, 15 collaborateurs,1,7M€ raised).