Business Creator : a programme to test your start-up idea

Reserved exclusively for KEDGE students, this programme aims to promote the desire for entrepreneurship, develop the entrepreneurial attitude and grow the School's Entrepreneurial community through a 100% digital consumer offer.

  • Train the students to structure a project and create a prototype in 11 weeks.
  • Develop business skills for start-ups and adopt the right mindset.
  • Discover the principles of the lean approach for start-up.
  • Provide tools to determine the potential success of an idea before setting up a business.

  • An idea.
  • A strong motivation for entrepreneurship.
  • Independence and availability, the programme being 100% online.

  • KEDGE students with a strong entrepreneurial interest wanting to integrate the KEDGE incubator or students with an idea.

  • 70% of content produced by experts and the faculty of KEDGE.
  • Additional content provided through Open Classroom, MOOC content leader in France and Europe.
  • Objectives: 30 projects 4 times a year (October, January, March, May), in other words 120 projects per year.
  • candidate selection via a video presentation.
  • Programme: 11 weeks / 8 group sessions / 2 to 4 hours work per week.
  • Support: training & group time activities held by experts.

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they have been supported by KEDGE
  • WHERE YOU LOVE – Alexandre Bonhomme (virtual real estate search assistant / 3 employees and a few million euros raised).
  • OUIEXPAT – Noura Moulali (to connect French people living abroad).
  • GEEV is a success story. It is the first application for donating items between individuals. 11 million+ reused objects, 450,000+ food items saved from the trash, 3 million+ users. They have raised 3 million euros.
  • CHAMBERLAN, a young company that specialises in custom-made shoes. Raised 1 million.
  • Telaqua - Nicolas Cavalier, Sébastien Demech & Nicolas Carvalho (simpliflying water management, 15 employees, 400 000€ raised and 1,5M€ in progress).
  •  Carbookr - Nicolas Job (car rental BtoB, 12 employees, 1M€ raised).
  • ZEI - Noel Bauza (digital platform that helps individuals and companies to improve their environmental and societal impacts, 15 employees, 2M€ raised). 
  • NOCNOC – Paul Lebas, (rent big homes for short stays, 24 Collaborators, 3M€ raised).
  • Saileazy – Gregoire Guignon (sailboat self-service, 15 collaborateurs,1,7M€ raised).