Business Nursery : for entrepreneurs ready to get started

After the pre-incubation stage, which allowed you to try your idea, the second stage is the incubation stage also called Business Nursery aimed at students and KEDGE graduates wishing to launch their start-up.
This support system is also called French tech which is a unique system bringing together start-ups, investors, policy makers and community builders.


  • Support entrepreneurs in the creation of a start-up in 6 weeks with option to renew.
  • Presentation of the prototype to partner businesses to test the commercial viability of the product or service.
  • Facilitate financial support (France Initiative, BPI France, Crowdfunding….) through our financial and business partners.
  • Access the regional and national start-up ecosystem.



  • A regular review (at least once a month) with your programme manager.
  • The possibility of making your own appointments with all KEDGE Entrepreneurship coaches.
  • Access to our ecosystem of corporate partners (law firms, chartered accountants, financing consultants), institutional partners and financiers.
  • Integration into our network of entrepreneurs and access to our network's events (French Tech, Entreprendre network, etc.)

  • The product must be at the MVP (minimum viable product) stage.
  • Project offering an innovative product/service or an innovative Business Model.
  • Finalised market research.
  • Candidates wishing to experience significant development.

  • 0€ / per month for KEDGE students (included in the scholarship fees).
  • 129€ / per month for KEDGE graduates.
  • 199€ / per month for external students.

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They have been supported by KEDGE Entrepreneurship
  • WHERE YOU LOVE – Alexandre Bonhomme (virtual real estate search assistant / 3 employees and a few million euros raised).
  • OUIEXPAT – Noura Moulali (to connect French people living abroad).
  • GEEV is a success story. It is the first application for donating items between individuals. 11 million+ reused objects, 450,000+ food items saved from the trash, 3 million+ users. They have raised 3 million euros.
  • CHAMBERLAN, a young company that specialises in custom-made shoes. Raised 1 million.
  • Telaqua - Nicolas Cavalier, Sébastien Demech & Nicolas Carvalho (simpliflying water management, 15 employees, 400 000€ raised and 1,5M€ in progress).
  •  Carbookr - Nicolas Job (car rental BtoB, 12 employees, 1M€ raised).
  • ZEI - Noel Bauza (digital platform that helps individuals and companies to improve their environmental and societal impacts, 15 employees, 2M€ raised). 
  • NOCNOC – Paul Lebas, (rent big homes for short stays, 24 Collaborators, 3M€ raised).
  • Saileazy – Gregoire Guignon (sailboat self-service, 15 collaborateurs,1,7M€ raised).