KEDGE Entrepreneurship, an ecosystem to create your start-up

Entrepreneurship is the future of employment. By creating KEDGE Entrepreneurship, our goal is to develop the entrepreneurial knowledge of our students and graduates, to transmit it, to energise it, and in turn, boost the economic growth.
We also encourage the emergence of entrepreneurial projects in our ecosystem by integrating external projects that do not originate from our students or graduates.
KEDGE Entrepreneurship is the entity within the school that brings together all services and training linked to entrepreneurship and innovation.


KEDGE Entrepreneurship services  

Programmes designed for new or experienced entrepreneurs.

The Students Entrepreneurial Support Programmes:


  • Train the students to structure a project and create a prototype.
  • Develop business skills for start-ups and adopt the right mindset.
  • Discover the principles of the lean approach for start-up.
  • Provide tools to determine the potential success of an idea before setting up a business.
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  • Support the different development stages in the creation of a start-up.
  • Presentation of the prototype to KEDGE BS partner businesses to test the commercial viability of your product or service.
  • Facilitate financial support (France Initiative, BPI France, Crowdfunding….) through our financial and business partners.
  • Access the regional and national startup ecosystem.


  • To improve the start-up development time-wise before or after fundraising for different areas such as marketing, strategy, web, business development, product, communication, recruitment, etc…
  • Prepare meetings with financial institutions (Business Angels, etc…)
  • Facilitate obtaining financing adapted to the needs of the start-up (fund-raising), via the KEDGE networks in the regions, e.g. France Angels, and via KEDGE BS (Alumni Network, KEDGE Business Angels, etc.).

Which programme for your project?

Our different programmes to learn to be an entrepreneur  

Among our numerous programmes offered by the School, some are specifically designed to becoming an entrepreneur. 

The aim of this programme is to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary for the success of your project as creator, intrapreneur (who is an employee who takes responsibility for turning an idea into a new product or service), buyer or successor of a business. 
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This programme provides an evolutionary and personalised programme. An entrepreneurship major is proposed on both campuses in Master 1. The student can continue with a specialised entrepreneurship track in Master 2 on the Bordeaux campus even double up with a MSc Innovation, transformation and Entrepreneurship proposed on the Marseille campus

This Master's degree course is built around an entrepreneurial approach, with students playing an active role in their training and careers in an international context.
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This is a unique programme. It englobes all managerial competencies developed and acquired during the MBA as well as specific tools to strengthen sustainable entrepreneurial skills.
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Entirely taught in English, this course is focused on innovation, entrepreneurship and start-up creation within an experiential learning environment. Focusing on the skills required to disrupt business models, this programme aims at matching the current market dynamics. Its main objective is to meet the companies challenges to maximise innovation and to broaden their global performance.
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A 3-year course where KEDGE supports you to implement your defined strategy and launch your new business venture while offering a specific course dedicated to learn entrepreneurship.
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Research to anticipate changes in society  

Research work within the centres of excellence and expertise, allows KEDGE to have a clear vision of the transformation and evolution of our society: 

  • By providing solutions to problems within our society.
  • By producing articles and publications written by expert teachers.
  • By adapting and enriching constantly our teaching process through reflection and questions.

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Who is KEDGE Entrepreneurship for?

Students, graduates, businesses…. different profiles which take inspiration from each other and participate in the dynamics of the community.

Services available to students: to obtain a real-life work experience

  • The Pro-Act entrepreneur, a compulsory project aimed at ‘Entrepreneurship’. Learn more
  • The Business Incubator, the Business Nursery and the Business Accelerator. See our programmes
  • Specialised training and modules: innovation & entrepreneurship.
  • Experiences to acquire a professional outlook: internships, work-study, participation in student’s associations.

Services available to businesses: to boost your creativity and innovation potential

  • Tailor-made courses for personal or collective projects.
  • Research chairs to help anticipate a future idea.
  • Incubator to develop projects remotely.
  • Hackathons (open innovation challenge) – to solve a real business case. The students, accompanied by the incubator’s expert professors, tackle business issues from all possible angles, develop solutions and feed them back to the business with an action plan.
  • Innovative back-to-school style spaces being made available

Services for KEDGE graduates: to support entrepreneurs after graduation  

  • Incubation & Accelerator: You can join the KEDGE Business Angels network to be kept informed of the entrepreneurial initiatives of the Kedgers. You will benefit from access to carefully selected business creation or development projects, accessing a place of exchange, meeting and sharing between members of the community wishing to participate in the financing and the development of our entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Mentoring: Enjoy the guidance of a mentor or be a mentor yourself.
  • Witnesses and interventions: Information, feedback from past failure or success.
  • Coworking spaces made available.

Key numbers:

  • 3 spaces dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship
  • 170 Business Angels alumni
  • 950 applicants per year
  • 280 projects supported per year
  • 90 research publications published per year
  • 2 research chairs
  • 5 specialised training from the Bachelor’s degree to EMBA (Executive MBA)
  • 1000 students trained in entrepreneurship per year
  • 4500 participants to our events

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