KEDGE Entrepreneurship services for graduates

Even after graduation, our students continue to benefit from numerous services linked to entrepreneurship and this all along their career. The aim is for KEDGE to support graduates' entrepreneurs from A to Z so they can fully live their entrepreneurial adventure.

The Entrepreneurial Support Programmes

Business Nursery : for entrepreneurs ready to get started 

  • Support entrepreneurs in the creation of a start-up in 6 weeks with option to renew.
  • Presentation of the prototype to partner businesses to test the commercial viability of the product or service.
  • Facilitate financial support (France Initiative, BPI France, Crowdfunding….) through our financial and business partners.
  • Access the regional and national start-up ecosystem.
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Business Accelerator : for entrepreneurs seeking financing

  • To support the start-up development in line with the business vision and its ecosystem.
  • To improve the start-up development time-wise before or after fundraising for different areas such as marketing, strategy, web, business development, product, communication, recruitment, etc…
  • Prepare meetings with financial institutions (Business Angels, etc…).
  • Facilitate grants tailored to the specificities of start-ups through KEDGE’s regional networks (eg: France Angels, KEDGE's graduates network, Business Angels, Investment Funds, etc...).
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Spaces dedicated to entrepreneurship 

Our graduates have access to spaces specifically adapted to entrepreneurship:

  • Coworking spaces.
  • Brain bubbles.
  • Conference rooms.
  • Relaxing areas.

Those spaces are opened on a permanent basis for graduates joining the Incubation or Accelerator programmes and are available on the Bordeaux, Marseille and Paris campuses.

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 KEDGE Alumni services  

The KEDGE Alumni network supports previous graduates all along their careers including questions about entrepreneurship. The network organises numerous workshops, conferences on a weekly basis and can help promote their project to its large community.

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Global Executive MBA - Spécialisation Entrepreneurship 

KEDGE Executive Education offers our graduates programmes to master new skills and validate their acquired knowledge.  Among them, the Global Executive MBA - Entrepreneurship specialisation allows executives and managers to become entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs.

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